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The Free Law Founders (FLF) is a nationwide partnership of local elected officials, non-profit software developers, educators, and city attorneys dedicated to upgrading how citizens can access America‚Äôs laws, legislation, and the lawmaking process itself on the Internet. We're creating and sharing the modern tools, data standards and processes our state and local governments need to meet the growing challenges of democracy in the Internet Age. Everyone can join. Everyone has something to contribute. And everyone in our democracy can benefit. Here's what joining the FLF means for you — sign up today!

Everyone in the FLF

  • Commits to advancing the FLF Principles & Mission.
  • Takes a public stand for more open, participatory, and tech-powered democracy by adding their name and organization to the FLF website
  • Shares FLF-related quotes and personal stories as necessary
  • Contributes time, talents and ideas to achieving the FLF's goals when they can, and how they can.

Elected Officials

  • Publicly support the above in their own city or state government.

Coders, Designers & Civic Technologists

Individual Citizens

State and Local Government Agencies & Employees

Non-Profits, Libraries, Academic Institutions & Member Representative Organizations

  • Commit to the above
  • Suggested Additional Contributions: draft a white paper supporting FLF goals, submit written or video testimony to your state or local government, draft a supportive press release or op-ed, draft FLF-supporting legislation to modernize your local democracy.
  • Email us to get the conversation started.

Don't see yourself fitting in anywhere on here? That means we missed something. Please email us to fix that.

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