The Free Law Challenge

You can join the Free Law Founders Challenge: to create a free online suite of tools for for legislatures in order to make our governments more accessible, understandable and participatory.

Steps Toward Accessibility

At their keynote speech Hack The Law in 2014, New York City Council Member Ben Kallos and San Francisco Supervisor Mark Farrell called on a nation of civic hackers to create a free and open source democracy platform for legislatures by next year.

The site will have five free and open source tools for:

  • Drafting legislation
  • Commenting on legislation
  • Making it available over open API
  • Opening up the law online
  • Authenticating the law

Government is due for an upgrade, and this challenge helps get us there. Legislatures can become the most transparent, efficient and connected versions of themselves, but only if we apply our collective ingenuity to the task.

Let's Upgrade Democracy, Together